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So, if you don't know what the running gag is by now, you obviously need an IQ test.

I wasn't sure which character I was going to do today, until Venson left a comment on our Myspace page, that said the following:

Quit whining and make more comics! I haven't seen any in like 3 years. lol. Anyways, you don't have to change it.
While I'm not sure what the last sentence was about, I certainly laughed at the first one and the second one. Since he was so kind to stick his head out on the chopping block, and was not so kind as to actually POINT his favorite browser to our website, I decided he was next.

I actually had this one pretty much planned out, so don't think I went the extra mile to mess with you, Ven.

Venson will actually think this stems from his nasty habit of wrecking cars, but it doesn't. This is actually a story that stems from one of my old poker forums.

This guy from Massachusetts went by the name FoxwoodsPro. He was best known for (up until this point) for berating everyone on the forum, getting drunk, challenging us all, losing his roll, and calling everyone "donkssssssssssssssssss."

Well, one fateful night, he was coming home from Foxwoods in Connecticut, drunk as always, when he managed to wreck into a parked police car with it's lights on. Not only did he manage to do this, but he actually had the testicles to post about this adventure on the forum.

We had a field day with it. This remains folklore in the forum's history. And thus, now, is immortalized in this comic.

I had also immortalized it in an MS Paint masterpiece that I posted on the forum, much to the shegrin of every member of it. The link to the thread in which he tells his tale is the picture.

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